31 Descriptive Words That Help Merchandise the Menu

A picture’s surely worth a thousand words. But since servers can’t bring every dish out to show their guests what it looks like, the following descriptive adjectives can help sell more!!!

  1. Famous
  2. Signature dish
  3. Best-selling
  4. Drenched
  5. Thick
  6. Seared
  7. Icy cold
  8. Lightly dusted
  9. Jet fresh (seafood)
  10. Special
  11. My customers love it
  12. Angus steak
  13. Giant
  14. Popular
  15. Drizzled with
  16. Seasoned0
  17. My favorite
  18. Sold out
  19. Crunchy
  20. Enough for two to share
  21. Home-made
  22. Bubbly, melted cheese
  23. Chunky
  24. Fresh-ground
  25. Ginormous
  26. Great deal
  27. Great value
  28. Made fresh daily
  29. So fresh it slept in the ocean last night
  30. Spicy-no hot
  31. Brand new

Ask your team to keep adding to the list with their own descriptive phrases to help merchandise the menu that work well for them.




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