Suggestive Selling Annual Revenue Calculator

What’s in it for you to train your servers to raise their sales $1 per customer in the next 12 months?

Sullivision’s Handy-Dandy “Buck-a-Guest” Profitability Calculator

Example Your Restaurant

Step # 1:

Write down how many customers you serve each year.


Step # 2:

Now, let’s presume that you can raise your gross sales $1.00 per person. Multiply $1.00 times the number of customers you serve each year. How much more gross sales will you generate in the next 12 months?


Step #3:

Servers are tipped on gross sales. Multiply the figure in Step 2 above by 15% to see how much more tip money your servers would share by raising their sales a mere $1.00 per person (and think about how those extra gratuities would reduce server turnover).


Step #4

When you raise your sales $1 per customer, your labor, rent, marketing, and training costs decrease. Plus, you don’t have to raise menu prices. The only additional cost you incur is the price of the food or beverage sold (an average of 33% in the industry). So subtract 33% food costs from the annual gross sales bump above to see what you’ll NET in the next 12 months.

$150,000 less .33% = $105,000 NET!

Step #5

Presume your best-selling dessert costs $4.00. How many customers would have to share it to raise your sales $1.00 per person?

4 4

Step #6:

Presume your best-selling appetizer costs $6.00. How many customers would have to share it to raise your sales $1.00 per person?

6 6

Step #7

What are you waiting for? Based on our example, a buck a guest means additional bottom line growth of $105,000 and another $22,000 in tips in the next 12 months…everyone wins! Spread the word: selling one $2 beverage to every other guest, or one $4 dessert to every fourth guest or one $6 appetizer to every sixth customer can mean as much as $250,000 in higher gross sales every year based on your customer count!!!

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