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We all know that we use a calculator to figure our food cost, but all too many times the number that comes up when we hit the equal sign is the number we stick into the menu. Doing this can result in money left on the table and we’re not talking about tip money! The new “Round Up” Calculator will help you realize the ADDED PROFITS you can make if you strategically price your menu.

Research has shown that there is a point of indifference between certain menu price levels that if worked properly can bring more money to your bottom line. Here is a table of these levels and customer perception:

Menu Prices that are

  • $5.00 and over-end the price with: $.50 or $.95
  • $5.00 or less- end the price with: $.25-$.50-$.75 or $.95

These price points will have no effect on your customer’s pocketbook, but over the course of a year can greatly add to yours.

So saddle up and check out our Menu Roundup!

Menu item
Retail price
$ # of items sold per day

# of days you’re open each week

# of weeks you’re open each year

# sold per year #
Rounded menu price $
Gross sales before rounding $
Gross sales after rounding $
Additional Bottom Line Profit $
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