Tuna Caprese with Basil Ponzu and Gremolata



Pine nuts, toasted 3/4 cup
Lemons, zested, juice reserved 2 each
Garlic, minced 2 Tbsp.
Parsley leaves, chopped 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Soy sauce 1/2 cup
Rice vinegar 1/4 cup
Lemon, juice 1/4 cup
Minor’s GreenLeaf Basil Pesto Gluten Free 1/4 cup
Heirloom tomatoes, sliced 2 lb
Ahi tuna, grilled medium-rare, sliced 1 1/2 lbs
Great Northern beans, drained and rinsed 14 oz
Red onion, diced 1 each
Bocconcini, drained 2 cups


  1. For the gremolata, combine the pine nuts, lemon zest, garlic, and parsley in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
  2. For the basil ponzu sauce, whisk together the soy sauce, rice vinegar, lemon juice, and pesto in a small bowl. Set aside.
  3. Arrange the heirloom tomatoes on a serving platter. Top with the gremolata, slices of grilled tuna, Great Northern beans, red onion, and bocconcini.
  4. Drizzle the salad with the basil ponzu sauce and serve.
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