Why Idahoan?

There’s just something special about Idaho. Rich, volcanic soil. Pure water from mountain streams. Long, warm days and chilly nights. It’s all these things that make our land, just west of the Teton mountains, perfect for our purpose. For 50 years, the name Idahoan has stood for the highest quality potatoes in the world. Of course, it isn’t just our potatoes that are Idahoan. Back in 1960, a group of Eastern Idaho’s potato growers and local businessmen joined forces to share their potatoes with the world – and we still maintain that essential grower connection today. We offer over 180 product configurations for foodservice, retail, ingredient and export channels, using the most sophisticated cooking techniques and equipment available. Our products are renowned for their perfect flavor and texture by foodservice operators and their customers alike. If you want that quality in your operation, go right to the source. Here, the potatoes – and the people – are genuine Idahoan.
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